February 22, 2019

About us


ADMC is an industry led coalition that develops partnerships to advance America’s water management to improve agricultural production efficiency, water quality, and environmental outcomes to meet sustainable intensification goals.


ADMC is the leading advocate of agricultural water management in the United States, and it accomplishes this with a volunteer board of industry leaders and a small, dedicated staff.

About ADMC

The Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition is an industry led organization that was formed in 2004 to enhance crop production and improve water quality outcomes. ADMC was crucial in the development of development of three water management NRCS conservation practice standards as well as training for over 130 technical service providers. Moving forward, ADMC is leading in the advancement of water management practice adoption throughout the United States. ADMC also serves a critical role in identifying research and programmatic needs to better meet America’s production, environmental, and sustainability goals.


  • Completed NRCS and FSA funded research that led to standard development for practices that have potential to be installed on 30+ million acres for drainage water management and over 200,000 saturated buffer sites.
  • Lead partner in developing alternative practice delivery methods that increased 10-year practice adoption in IA by over 45% in a single year while reducing project expenses by an estimated $115,000.
  • Facilitated the planning of conferences and webinars with over 2,400 attendees, engaged over 1,600 individuals through presentations, and distributed a weekly newsletter to over 600 followers all in 2021 alone


Drive Implementation

ADMC works to accelerate the adoption and implementation of conservation drainage practices.

Communicate and Educate

ADMC has established itself as a resource for members and the public for agricultural drainage water quality practices.


ADMC continuously advances the science and economics of using advanced drainage practices to improve productivity and environmental performance.

Safety and Responsibility

ADMC promotes the safety of contractors and their communities as well as an ethic to install practices in a way that there will be a net conservation benefit.