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I would first like to thank all of ADMC’s returning members for your continued support. The important mission of ADMC could not be accomplished without you. Jeanne has been busy receiving and processing renewals throughout the spring, and we appear to be ahead of schedule with dues this year. We continue to try to strengthen ADMC’s standing through both retaining and recruiting members, as well as pursuing contracts and grants that align our mission. Please read the following updates on ADMC’s contracted projects and collaborations.

Contracted Projects

Polk County Saturated Buffer Project

The Polk County (Iowa) saturated buffer project has brought together the Polk SWCD, Polk County, NRCS, FSA, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and ADMC as partners with the goal of installing at least 25 saturated buffers within five small watersheds in the county by the end of the calendar year. Landowner outreach began in late February to gain permission to survey potential sites. As a result of the outreach, 90 tile lines have been surveyed utilizing a maverick tile probe along with an additional 15 outlets identified. The project is entering the next phase in which information from the initial survey will be utilized to narrow sites that will move forward in the design phase. Saturated buffer designs are expected to begin in June and July with possible construction starting as early as August 1st.

Soil and Water Conservation Society Process Model

The Soil and Water Conservation Society has contracted with ADMC to develop the steps needed in a process model to install a saturated buffer or bioreactor utilizing funding either from the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship or from the NRCS. The IDALS process model will be Iowa specific, but the model for NRCS should be applicable throughout the Midwest. Slight modifications may be needed as the scope of work is generally defined by each state’s conservation engineer. 


Conservation Drainage Network

The inaugural Conservation Drainage Network conference, which has replaced the Agricultural Drainage Systems Task Force meeting, has been moved from an in-person meeting to a virtual conference on June 3-4, 2020. Registration is now open. Visit for details, or click here to register. Technical presentations will be uploaded and can be viewed prior to the meeting starting May 27.

Edge of Field Roadmap

ADMC has been asked to be a collaborator in developing an Edge of Field Roadmap. The collaboration is being organized by The Nature Conservancy, Soil and Water Conservation Society, and the Meridian Institute. ADMC looks forward to developing new relationships with the collaborating organizations and is excited for the potential projects and awareness to ADMC’s mission that will stem from this effort.

Conservation Technology Information Center

The Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) along with its partner the Ecosystem Marketplace Consortium (ESMC) has obtained funding through a Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) grant to reduce nutrient losses in the Maumee and Sandusky rivers basins. The project will look to utilize ESMC payment for ecosystem services model as well as H2Ohio funding to get phosphorus reducing practice in the landscape. ADMC will participate as a stakeholder to provide information on controlled drainage systems.  

Keegan Kult ADMC Executive Director


ADMC Diamond Members

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NRCS Announces $200 Million in Partner Projects

NRCS Chief Matthew Lohr announced the first round of Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) under the new Farm Bill. There were 48 RCPP projects selected including 8 that could lead to the installation of conservation drainage projects. Details on many of the projects are being finalized, but ADMC is in the process of gathering information by reaching out to project leaders. Click here to view an interactive map of the projects. If there is a project in your area, feel free to reach out to Keegan for more information or contact the lead agency of the project to see how you can be involved. 

Project Area Practices Lead Agency
Turkey River Watershed Partnership Project Turkey River, NE IA Structural IDALS
Iowa Systems Approach to Conservation Drainage North Central & Central IA EoF with In field IDALS
Working Lands, Water and Wildlife Partnership Illinois Habitat and nutrient reducing The Conservation Fund
Lake Springfield Source Water Protection Project Springfield, IL BMPs to reduce sediment and nutrients City Water, Light, and Power
East Locust Creek Source Water Protection Plan East Locust Creek Reservoir, Missouri BMPs to reduce sediment and nutrients North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission
Achieving WIP Goals & NM Compliance in Maryland Chesapeake Bay Watershed Solutions to Manure Management Maryland Department of Agriculture
Big Sioux River Watershed Partnership Project South Dakota Nutrient, Sediment, and Bacteria practice reduction Minnehaha Conservation District
North Raccoon Partnership for Soil & Water North Raccoon River, IA Bioreactors, saturated buffers and wetlands Iowa Soybean Association



Conservation Drainage Events

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