drainage water management certification course

This certification course will explain how soil properties impact water movement, principles of DWM, & advanced DWM concepts.          

August 23 -24, 2022

Online only
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Session 1: (2 CEUs) Drainage Design and Soils: Soil and water concepts & tools, fundamentals in
drainage design, and design tools

Session 1 will introduce participants to soil and water interactions and how soil properties impact water
movement, availability, and crop health. Participants will then learn how drainage systems are utilized
to improve productivity and profitability. Finally, participants will be introduced to how drainage
systems are commonly designed and what tools are available to assist in the layout water management

Session 2: (1.5 CEUs) DWM Design Introduction to Drainage Water Management design

Session 2 will introduce participants to the principles of drainage water management including
conditions where the practice applies, yield benefits, and water quality impacts. Participants will be
walked through what is needed to design drainage water management systems, applicable NRCS
Conservation Practice Standards, and will learn about water control structures commonly used in DWM

Session 3: (1.5 CEUs) DWM Design Session 3: Field Zoning, retrofitting elevation plans, and economics

Session 3 will move to more advanced drainage water management concepts including how to
determine the drained area, control elevations, and the extent of the controlled zone. Participants will
also learn about economic considerations and requirements of the NRCS Drainage Implementation
Activity 164.

A total of 5 CEUs will be available for CCAs or PEs. Partial CEUs will be available for completion of session
1, 2, or 3.
Sessions 1 – 3 will be led by Dr. Gary Sands who is a Professor and Extension Engineer at the University
of Minnesota.
Upon successful completion of the quiz modules, an ADMC course certificate will be awarded. An ADMC
certificate along with a submitted DIA 164 to your state NRCS can be used to obtain TSP certification for
DIA 164. State laws may require a professional engineer’s license regardless of ADMC certification.
Please check with your local NRCS State Conservation Engineer and/or your local State Board of
Professional Engineers.

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency
under cooperative agreement X7-83592501 to the Conservation Technology Information Center, in partnership with Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition.