March 11, 2019

ADMC Updates

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ADMC to meet with NRCS Leadership to provide key feedback on practice scenarios and payment schedules

ADMC has been granted meeting with National NRCS leadership on June 17th to provide key feedback to continue to improve conservation drainage related practice scenarios and payment schedules and to seek clarification about previous requests. The meeting is a result of a letter submitted by ADMC President Kent Rodelius based upon feedback from members and the ADMC board. A copy of the submitted letter can be viewed here. The following eight items have been identified for discussion. If any ADMC members have additional discussion points, please reach out to Keegan. ADMC appreciates the opportunity to share information with NRCS and to aid the agency in its continuous improvements to the practice scenarios and payment schedules. ADMC is able and ready to provide information and perspectives

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Minnesota River Valley Conservation Drainage Turn-Key Project

Please click here for more information Project detailsThe Turn-key project is an innovative approach to deliver conservation drainage practices at no cost to the producers. This project utilizes conservation funding, local partners, and an experienced drainage design technical service provider to accelerate the implementation of automated drainage water management, drainage water management, and saturated buffers in the Minnesota River Valley. There is no cost to the participants due to the benefits the public gains from the nutrient reduction these practices offer. To enter field information to be evaluated for theproject, use the QR code or the click here to get to theform. Otherwise contact one of the project partnerslisted below directly. Project partnersAgricultural Drainage Management CoalitionEcosystem Services ExchangeLac qui Parle Soil and Water Conservation DistrictLincoln

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2023 ADMC President’s Report

October 31, 2023 I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. As we navigate these dynamic times in the agricultural industry, I am pleased to present the President’s Report for ADMC. In the climate of increasing environmental concerns and shifting policies, ADMC has continued to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable and responsible drainage practices. With a membership base that is both engaged and growing, we have made significant strides in advocating for innovative solutions that balance the needs of agriculture with broader environmental stewardship. ADMC continues to maintain and grow its membership base by collecting its highest amount of membership dues in 2023. This growth underscores the importance of our mission and the increasing recognition of ADMC as a

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ADMC makes the case for the inclusion of conservation drainage practices in FY2024 Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry (CSAF) Practice List

31st May 2023 CONSERVATION ACTIVITIES & PRACTICES164 Improved Management of Drainage Water Design, 447 Irrigation and Drainage TailwaterRecovery, 554 Drainage Water Management, 587 Structure for Water Control, 604 SaturatedBuffer, 605 Denitrifying Bioreactor, 606 Subsurface Drain, 620 Underground Outlet OVERVIEWAgricultural drainage is one of the cornerstones of healthy agricultural soils and underpins muchof our soil health improvement and climate change adaptation/mitigation efforts in theagricultural sector. Conservation drainage is a suite of practices (listed above) that providesboth the drainage necessary for crop production while addressing the negative water qualityimpacts that are associated with traditional agricultural drainage. Drainage and watermanagement practices can provide the most durable approach at reducing greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions from the agricultural sector as it is the greatest tool in limiting nitrous oxide(N2O) emissions. It

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ADMC responds to the NRCS request for public input on how to spend Inflation Reduction Act funds

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) recently requested public input on how the NRCS should implement funding that will be received under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). The Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition responded to the request to advocate for the inclusion of drainage and water management practices as well as for the use of private technical service providers (ADMC’s full response). The IRA funding is intended for climate-smart practices that are eligible for funding through four Farm Bill conservation programs. Funding levels are set to increase in Federal Year 2023 and will build over 4 years. The total funding increase in Farm Bill program and administrative costs are: ADMC’s Response to Select Questions from the NRCS’s List in the Federal Registrar What systems of quantification

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2022 ADMC Annual Meeting

The Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition held its annual meeting on November 3rd in Bloomington, MN. ISG was once again the host of the meeting. Below is the President’s Report from Kent Rodelius. ADMC members had another impactful year as ADMC has always been and it continues to be a member led organization. ADMC welcomed new Platinum member and partner the Drain Tile Safety Coalition, Silver member Hands On Excavating, a commitment from the first equipment manufacturer Port Industries at the Bronze level, and an Associate membership from the United Kingdom with Farm Services Ltd. Membership support continues to drive new opportunities, partnerships, and elevates the drainage industry. Once again, ADMC is being sought after as a resource and collaborator. It is more than encouraging to

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