March 11, 2019


September Newsletter

Pleas check out the ADMC September Newsletter to learn about the notice for the annual meeting, a public/private model for smart conservation drainage implementation, a bioreactor installation by Morreim Drainage Inc., the work of the Cannon River Watershed Partnership, and the Conservation Drainage Network.

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August Newsletter

Learn about a busy July and August filled with conservation workshops and field days as well as a member spotlight from Prinsco about support to an ISU demonstration farm.

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July Newsletter

ADMC members have been busy this summer leading the way in educating landowners, farmers, and agency representatives about conservation drainage. To learn more, please check out the July Newsletter.

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May Newsletter

Director’s Desk Mother nature has not cooperated for what seems like years on end now. The wet fall shutdown most fieldwork following harvest, leaving contractors and farmers hoping for a cooperative spring to make up for lost time. That obviously has not happened.  A wet fall has been parlayed into a disastrous spring. The extremely wet spring amplifies the importance of having an adequate water management system in place. Without a proper drainage system, tight planting windows become even tighter. Which with this spring could mean waiting weeks not days to get back into the field. It could also be the difference in getting a field planted and making the tough decision to enter into a prevent plant program. All of the Midwest is behind

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April Newsletter

Director’s Desk Advanced Conservation Drainage Training in Illinois About the training: The 2019 Advanced Conservation Drainage Training (ACDT) Program brings together diverse members of the agricultural and drainage communities and provides them with knowledge, tools, and connections to make conservation drainage an integral part of tile installation and farm management. Our 2019 series will focus on three conservation drainage practices: saturated buffers, constructed wetlands, and drainage water management. Through classroom exercises, field demonstrations, and expert-led discussions, participants will learn about the science behind how each practice works, gain technical knowledge associated with siting, designing, and constructing conservation drainage practices, and develop strategies to successfully implement practices while overcoming common administrative challenges. We are recruiting a diverse cadre of trainees (drainage contractors, farmers, engineers, agency experts,

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March Newsletter

Director’s Desk The USDA is seeking public comment on conservation practices standards that support EQIP and CSP by April 25, 2019.  USDA Seeks Public Comments  Illinois LICA is participating in a Saturated Buffer Field Day on March 20 near Sullivan, IL. Please click here for more information. I attended the annual Iowa Water Conference in Ames, IA this past week. There were a number of great speakers. Dustin Miller, attorney at Nyemaster Goode PC, gave an update on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Exchange. Mark Imerman, senior consultant at Regional Strategic Ltd., made the case to link nutrient reduction practices to flood control. The premise being that there is not enough money or motivation to get where states need to be to meet their nutrient reduction goals.

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Past ADMC Newsletters

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