ADMC is working with the Conservation Drainage Network to gain insights from drainage contractors

Conservation drainage practices, applied in a conservation systems approach, offer great promise to improve environmental performance and farm economic viability on artificially-drained cropland. However, despite their benefits, producers are not adopting these practices on a widespread basis on tile-drained cropland.

To better understand this situation, ADMC, along with members of the Conservation Drainage Network Growth Subcommittee, invites contractors to participate in a brief survey. The goal is to help us learn more about how conservation drainage practices are recommended and explained, as well as the limitations and barriers to adoption. The Conservation Drainage Network is a national partnership with the goal of improving conservation drainage practices to better meet future demands for crop production while enhancing environmental benefits through producer adoption of practical conservation solutions that are science-based.

The results of this survey will help create a knowledge base to develop more effective and efficient conservation drainage education, outreach, and implementation. Your position as a potential recommender and implementer of conservation drainage practices will aid in our understanding of awareness, knowledge gaps, and adoption barriers on both the company and customer sides.  Completing the survey should take about 10 minutes.

Please complete the survey at this link:

ADMC looks forward to hearing about your experiences and appreciate your participation. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Keegan Kult, Executive Director of the Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition.